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Download on up to 5 personal devices.
Now you can take a copy of your books with you on your laptop, phone or iPad. Blio format is available for Android, iPad, iTouch, iPhone and Windows PC computers.

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The 2,000 species content is searchable through a page-specific table of contents and a scrolling tool bar. On the iPad you can go directly to a subject by typing in a species' name. Blio provides the ability to highlight and bookmark items and even keep notes on photos (like where you have seen the species). Further research can be accessed on Google, Bing and Wikipedia searches with a single click.

The Blio format, distributed by Baker and Taylor Inc., was developed by KNFB reading technology. Blio is currently available as an app through Apple’s iOS system and Android. The app comes pre-installed on all new HP, Toshiba and Dell laptop computers as well as T-Mobile phones. You can download Blio for free to your device and learn more about the software at

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NOTE: Purchases within the United States should be made at To purchase in Canada and Mexico, please go to For UK, New Zealand and Australia purchases can only be made through the Windows app at this time. If you are experiencing problems downloading Blio, please call Blio’s Technical support at (209) 720-2280. Blio is currently working on updates and enhancements to the Blio Store that will improve purchasing capabilities. Blio originally debuted in 2010 for Windows PC, then expanded to the Mac iOS (iPad, iPhone and iTouch) in early 2011 followed by Android in late 2011. In 2012 they have expanded purchasing to the UK, New Zealand and Australia. We will post further updates and developments from Blio on our Facebook page. Blio was updated in October 2015 to version 4.3 for Mac iOS to be compatible with Mac iOS 9.

Because overseas connections are often weak or unreliable, customers traveling with our ebooks are advised to perform any system update to Blio after they return home. Our ebooks are also available now in PDF format Click Here to view.

5 ebooks are now available from New World Publications in the Blio format. Click Here to view all 5 books and purchase.

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