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Reef Fish ID - Tropical Pacific 2nd Edition  

Reef Fish Travel EditionReef Fish Identification
Tropical Pacific - 2nd Edition
by Paul Humann and
Ned DeLoach

NEW for 2015, an updated and enlarged 2nd edition of Reef Fish Identification – Tropical Pacific (first released in 2003). The book features more than 200 additional species, hundreds of improved photos, scientific name changes and range extensions. The popular field guide contains the most current and comprehensive information available for divers, naturalists and aquarists chronicling marine fishes ranging from Thailand to Tahiti.

page 281 Reef Fish Tropical Pacific

The new edition includes 2,000 species with 2,500 photographs of fishes in their natural habitat. The user-friendly guide groups species in 20 color-coded identification groups based on similar physical or behavioral characteristics. Multiple photographs for many species show variations in color and markings, life cycle phases and gender. Accompanying species accounts include common and scientific names, family, size, visual descriptions, geographical ranges and distinctive characteristics, making the visual identification of a particular species easier than ever before.

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