Marine Life Identification Adobe PDF ebooks for use in Adobe Digital Editions. The ebooks can be used on Apple laptops, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, tablets and Windows based computers compatible with Adobe DRM ereaders like Bluefire Reader and Pocketbook reader. For more information on download and a list of additional readers go to: http://www.fishid.com/pdf_ebook.html

Now you can purchase our PDF ebooks and IMMEDIATELY download for use on your laptop or tablet. To open the ebook you will need an Adobe ID. You will receive an Adobe .acsm file from this purchase. Open it in ADE and it will attach your Adobe ID information to the file and convert to an Adobe DRM PDF.

If you order ALL THREE Caribbean Identification books you will get a $5 discount on each. The REEF SET in ebook format will be $90 when you view your cart before checkout.