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Reef Fish Travel Edition  

Reef Fish Travel EditionReef Fish Identification TRAVEL EDITION - 2nd Edtion
Caribbean Bahamas South Florida
by Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach

Are airline weight restrictions forcing you to leave your prized Reef Fish Identification book at home? The digital age is upon us, but divers still want a book in their hands when they return from a dive to look up the fishes they encounter. At 3/4 of a pound, our new Reef Fish Identification - TRAVEL EDITION - Caribbean Bahamas South Florida is the answer!

The Travel Edition is a Portable, lightweight field guide rugged enough for luggage, gearbag and boat. Now with paperback binding and lower retail price!

281 species, 560 photographs, 132 pages in a 6 " x 9" format. Information on each species including their common, scientific and family names, descriptions, identification markings, preferred habitat and the animal's range.

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Now divers can leave their larger book safely at home and rely on their Travel Edition for the ultimate reference on the boat. Order Reef Creature Tropical Pacific

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